​The best way to describe our classrooms  are FUN!  

The most appropriate way for young  children to learn, is through hands-on experience in the process of play.   All Shining Star classrooms are busy with children who are learning through play.  

Our progressive learning material is selected to offer children a wide variety of things that are prepared for them to experience in the classroom environment.    The inexperienced on-looker may think "they are only playing" but in reality these children are learning the entire time they are in the classroom.

Our program focus on many domains of learning such as:



Early Literacy

Language Development


Physical Health & Development

School Readiness

Creative Arts

The classroom consists of materials that are carefully selected to promote “hands on” learning. The classroom is divided into at least four areas organized around specific kinds of play experiences; creative/art; role playing/housekeeping; block/manipulative; and book/print materials.   In each area, materials are selected to meet the interest and developmental needs of children and organized so that children can access them easily and put them away independently.   The daily schedule establishes a consistent, balanced routine for children consisting of teacher directed and child initiated activities, meals, naptime (full day), and outdoor play activities.  Please check the Parent Bulletin Board for the posting of the daily routine and weekly activity plans.